Axe to Grind - I, The Current

Vrijdag 25 augustus

Axe to Grind - I, The Current

Café The Jack, Eindhoven

Hailing from Eindhoven, Axe To Grind is a five-piece metalband combining raw vocals, pounding grooves, and melodic guitar lines. Starting out as a coverband, the band began writing original songs under the name Axe To Grind in 2014. This resulted in the demo EP Ethos: Eunoia, released in summer 2015. With the addition of a new guitar player the band started recording of the second EP, Ethos: Phronesis, which has been released on the 19th of November 2016. This EP showcases the improvements the band has made as a whole, while focusing on the next things to come.

Strong lyrics and heavy music, it's something I, The Current continuously aspires to deliver. The band released their first record "The Seeking" in 2014, combining punk rock speed with the atmospheres of post-rock and the heaviness of metalcore. This combination resulted in a debut that sounded fresh, creating a vibe of their own.
The next release was single "Supercluster", accompanied by a music video shot and directed by Sam Velghe. The single showcases an evolution in the band's sound. The members of I, The Current are recording their sophomore album at the moment, with a sound that will build upon their previous releases.